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Weaving in Afrin

The Factories in Afrin

Afrin is not only distinguished by its mountains and ruins but also the abundance of olive trees which have encouraged their owners to find a way of extracting the oil from their fruits and paving the way for the emergence of the primitive olive presses in Afrin. By the time, these presses have been developed into modern factories; the olive fruits are put in one side while we get the olive oil from the other side.

Moreover, small factories have been emerged lately in Afrin to reproduce the olive sediment ( BEREEN), then extracting the oil from this substance and using this oil in making different kinds of soap. Nowadays there are about (13) Bereen factories and (10) soap factories in Afrin.

Also, there are several flagstone factories and stone mills in Afrin because its mountains embrace different kinds of stone.
Afrin, with its beautiful nature, active people and rich natural resources as well as millions of olive trees over its mountains and the existence of River Afrin which refreshes its soil from its north-eastern corner to its south-western corner, needs productive industrial projects whose primitive substances depend on the agricultural productions or serve the agricultural projects in Afrin.

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Afrin in Lines » The Factories and Soap Manufacturing