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Afrin in Lines » The Springs in Afrin

The region of Efrin enjoys unique properties which we can hardly find in other places. Some of which are:

-Mountains:mountains of pine,cedar,oak and other forest trees. Sister of coastal mountains in the beloved home.

-The fruitful trees of:walnuts,almonts,apples,pomegranates ,pearsand lemons ;sister of the seaboard, Homs,Hama and Idleb.

-Olive trees:for which Efrin has got this wide fame.It is said that the district of Rajo is the original home of olives .And that is why it is considered equal to Idleb.

-The prosperous plains in which all kinds of cereals are planted.As well as the various gardens of all kinds of vegetables and the different kinds of watermelons.

-All kinds of cattle for the region is rich of food like most areas in the beloved Syria.

-Being rich of ancient ruins like Simon castle,the castle of Nabi Houry, Sizar ,the temple of Ein Dara ,the cave of Doudry. Beside the widespread archeological landmarks on Simon mountain which show the ancient movement of human history in the region.

-The springs and falls of Gamrouk and Maidanki. This made Efrin a refuge for the visitors. Eventhough these suffer from drought in summers.Here are some of them.

-The spring of Kafar Janneh down children's campsite. It supplies some villages in Efrin with drinking water. Its water removed a wide area of the surrounding lands to gardens of Paradise for its visitors in summers.

The spring of Bassoutah in the middle of the mentioned village. It is one branch of Efrin river. It is surrounded by various fruit trees like apples,pomegranates,pears and........ etc.

This made the surronding of its plains an entertainment to spend the summers there.

-The spring of Kara Jorn on the way to the village of Maidanki near the17th Nissan Dam. It is a small place to visit in summers.

-The spring of Sheikh al-Hadeed in the middle of its market. It supplies both people and orchards with drinking water.

-The spring of Germikeh near Deir Sawan village down Nabi Houry castle.

-The river of Saboun Soy.The profuse branch of Efrin river. Despite the long distance, it is a refuge for those who are able to reach it with their boats to spend the most interesting hours in water in summers.

-The river of Efrin:it irrigates the gardens along the long distances of its banks till it reaches Turkey.

-The spring of Batman,near Rajo.Since the water is abundent,it is used to water the lands.

-The spring of Iskan:it was preserved by the Technical Services Section.

-The spring of Sheikh Abed al-Rahman next to the graveyard and near Jundeiresse road. It is used to water some lands around.

-In the middle of the village,the the spring of Jalameh.It supplies the people with drinking water which reaches their houses by electrical generators.The spring is also used in watering some plants there.

-The springs of Kakhry,Perytel,Beshbrak and Kanieh Routa.These form a running water most of the year around.The water is used in agriculture."Each in its own being place till they all meet in one way.

-There are other spings in different sites in the region.But some of them suffer from drought mostly in summers  .If there has been any lack of rain.Like the following famous springs:   Andibeh,Golboer ,Marwaneh Tahtani  ,GorGom  ,Baikobassie  ,Hayamlie ,Aliejaro  ,Jundeiresse  ,Doreimieh ,Bakchafokani ,Baikobassie ,Kastalmakdad ,Bolbol  ,al-Gazzawiyeh  ,Sheeh al-deir ,Chakmack Kabier ,Bahnairga/MeidanAkbass  ,Karahbaba , Kahlah  , Chakkalli ma'amak/Roman archeological land

- marks,the same is Kaentah/which is extended by Roman channels/and Hajeekah in the centre of Rajo.Beside ancient Roman wells used in irrigation.

-There were once several profuse springs that formed running rivers during the year around and they ended up in Efrin river.They watered both people and plants. Their names were the same as the inhabited villages around.Like Ein Dara ,Korzehel, Gawrkan, Ma'arateh and Torendeh.

Then the water ran out due to the vertical wells done by gardens owners and the government to supply the deprived villages with water for irrigation and drinking.

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Afrin in Lines » The Springs in Afrin