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Clans in Afrin Brief Study About

In the following there are the most important Kurdish Families and clans in Afrin which had an authority and a         big role in the life of the area.
Battal Family(AL Battal(:
They have settled down the area for (250)year.               They came from (Kenge)village in the north of Diar Baker and they are also from (Mallan)clan and from Feudal family.(Noury Kenge)appeared in the delivery of (ALTARIQ  ALQAWIM)news paper in Aleppo in 1930.
Battal Family(AL Battal):
Is a wealthy family settled in Basouta village.
  Ommo Family(Al Battal):
They are from the cousins of AL Kenge,their main place is in (Frerieh)village.
Its origin is from the itinerant Kurds between(Klles , Qunia and Aleppo),and they still separated  between the villages of Jouma level and Leloon mountain        (Hanano)family is the most important one which is the family of the patriotic leader (Ibrahim Hanano).
Haj Omar family(AL Haj Omar):
Their ancestors have came from the regions of Kunia for
450 years.The Ottoman government recommended Haj Omar with the feudatory of Alkurd mountain ,but their authority vanished with the death of Khalil Aga at the beginning  of  twentieth century so their leadership went to(AL Sheikh Ismail Zada)the brother-in-law of Khalil Aga(from his sister)and they had an opponent attitude toward French colonization  the thing that caused their vagrancy, chasing and arresting some of them.
(Amka) Clan:
It is from the oldest big clans in the mountain and the most maintain of their personal characteristics .their settling was in about(26)villages separated around Hawar mountain ,and others live in about(10)villages  out of Hawar mountain. its men are the first who formed armed troops against French, as well as their supporting  of the agreement of (Ataturk)applications specially in wearing the beret.
The most important families of this clan are (Ihoka, Diko, Al Eimar and Al Routo).
(Shekak) Clan:
Its old origin is the riverbed of (Qara So)one of Euphrates assistants . This clan has branches in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and  Syria. Their regions flourishing by fruitful trees, olive and vine besides (Rashwan and Al Haj Omar)are their neighbors .
The members of this clan settling down in 37 inhabited villages because of their lands which  prolong from Sharran and the areas around it to far distances. About their relationship with Ottomans it was a bad one, but 
It was good with (Rashwan )clan because of affinity relations .Concerning their leadership it continued from the beginning of the nineteenth century and it is still limited for (Jlousi)family. The of Bazar Afrin is formed by Jamil Aga, the mayor of Afrin, in the middle of thirties of twentieth century.  This clan has had sublime humanitarian attitudes Armenian emigrants from Turkey so most of them became Kurdish by the passage of the time. Also calmness covered their relationships with French.
(Robary) Clan:
After the assassination of (Ali Bek), the son of Janpulat one of the princes of the Mandian Kurdish family whose rule on Klles had continued since Ayobian day, the Ottoman authority named (Muhammad Shah Robary)as a governor of Klles . Although (Mohammad Shah) was dismissed from the governorship of Klles, the authority of his children and followers spread to Jouma, Robarian area nowadays, and Klles  taking from Basouta castle a center for them until they settled in the place they live in now (Leloon Mountain) ,on the mountain in (Jlbol, Baselhaia, Ibbeen, Zreqat , Khrebke, Kushtar, Aqiba and Der Mushmush ) while in Jouma they live in (Kafar Batra, Joumkeh and Karsane). The men of this clan joined Alqetle Alwatanieh troops against French colonization so they maintained their great social position until now.
One of the biggest clans in the area, and Rajo is considered as absolute Shekhanian area in addition to separation of some of its families in other clans' areas.
They have 8 villages adjacent to Amka clan from the east starting from( Jela) in the North to( Shekh Bella) in the south , and 8 villages neighboring (khastian) clan starting from (Barband and Badenly) in the east to (Alanka) in the west. The whole number of their villages is 75 on the boundaries with Turkey and  4 of its villages are still inside Turkey which are (Anjara, kumeteh,Talbeer and Kharab Jamous).Their areas are mountainous and sylvan
and their sheikhs were  the owner of honors like the sheikhs of (Sheikh and Bablit) villages.
This clan was governed by Kurd Aga for many centuries ,and they had resistances against French colonization because of their supporting to Meridians.
The most important families of this clan are:
-(Dodiky )Family:
One of the oldest families of Shekhan clan .Their settlement is in (Atman )village.
(Dawood)one of their leaders carried the state of(By Bek) during Ottoman's role.
-(Rash Aga) Family:
Their center was in(Komiteh) inside the Turkish borders nowadays and they had a religious authority. (Hussein Awny)  was the most important man of this family in the twentieth century who was elected as a representative in Syrian parliament in 1936 by the helping of Meridians.
-(Sino and Ali Soro)Family:
Their settlement is in the villages of  Mydaniat.
In (Masaka and Rajo) and this person who lives in Aleppo is still the leader of the rest of Meridians in Syria and Turkey.
-(Belli Rash) Family:
It is from the ancient of Shekhan. They live in( Gri and Kumrashe).
-(Hanif) Family:
Hanif Aga lived in (HajKhalil) in the east of Rajo ,and  he was the leader of Shekhan for a while.
-(Al  Jafar) Family:
It is a new family which appeared in (Mamal Ushagy ) village at the end of nineteenth century. At the twenties of the twentieth century their name connected with bloody contentions with their cousins (Ibesh, Smo, and Ali Beg).
- (Kor Ahmad) Family:
They are known by Mustuke family in their residency in (Badenly)village. They   appeared at the beginning of twentieth century, and (Ezzat Khalil) was elected as a member of Syrian parliament in 1954.
-(Chakulma) Family:
It was a family of noble descent and had a big power in the nineteenth century.
It is a branch of Rashwan clan, its nomination came from the fame of their area with high Willow trees (Byan) near the rills and springs in and its timberland mountains and around their villages which are about 95.
16 villages from them are in the Turkish side and these villages run on the extent between(Maidan Akbas) in the west and (Klles and Izaz) in the east.
Sheikh Ismail Zada Family have been the leader of this clan since the middle of the nineteenth century and Zada surname was added by (Sleman Aga Sido Diko) as a kind of honoring. In 1866 (Sheikh Ismail) married the sister of(Khalil Aga Haj Omar) the person of strong authority so Sheikh Ismail became famous after the death of Khalil Aga . Sheikh Ismail is considered as (Byanian, Rashwanian, and clever religious old man)with great status. He got the heritage of Al Haj Omar until he became the governor of (Byan) clan, and claiming for the Ottoman authority.
The authority of (Al Ismail) increased by their men's marriage to the Kurdish families in the mountain like (Al Jlousi),the Agas of Shekak clan, and (Al Sido Meme)the Agas of Jouma. They also wedded their daughters to (Sido Diko) family who are from the Agas of Amkan.
Meridians' old men were close to this family at the thirties of the previous century until Meridians became strong among poor and then the relationship chanced to be a strong enmity which caused bloody impacts where in one of these impacts (Jafar Aga Sheikh Ismail Zada) was assassinated by the Meridians in 1939 . this family have a big appearance in Syrian Parliament specially that they carry an important religious surnames.
They are itinerant Kurds, the people of black tents made of goats' hair. they were moving with their cattle among Ottoman territories until the forties of the twentieth century. Their origins belong to (Gojari Mersham),and they run along the oval bracket from(Klles, Islahia and Qarqakhan) to Amanous mountain.
Their life is simple and their belief was Alawi until they became Sunna by the passage of the time. As a result of their nomadic life, men of authority appeared and formed (Jetah) , strong mafias, against their enemies until the circumstances settled them down in inhabited villages especially after the division of borders between Syria and Turkey. 23 villages in Syria became their own from (Dir Swan to Sheikh Alhadid, Alhammam, and Kurzehel).
(Mlli Dawoodi)Tribe:
A tribe from (Mallan) great clan of the government which is in (Omar Sfouna) family. Their population is about (4000) person in the villages (Marateh, Darguer, and Gunde Mazen)and also in (Jalameh and Torendeh).
(Omar Sfouna) Family:
They had strong authority during one century, they lived in Jouma level and Hestia mountain since eighteenth century. They extended their leverage on (khastian) mountain and Basouta and on the most of Jouma level, where they fought (Al-Kenge) in the personality of their leader (Battal althani).  The origin of this family came from Qalandar Afandi who was living in Gunde Mazen village . this title ,Afandi, indicates his ability of reading and writing  while the cause behind naming them Omar Sfouna related to the little child(Omar)  with his mother (Sfouna) the widow of strength and wise authority, after her husband was assassinated by (Hasan Aga)family ,so the leadership moved to that child in the favor of his mother.
This family stood against the French delegation and they participated in oppositions with the commands of their leader (Ibrahim Aga). They supported Meridian movement which opposing against French until French                    beat them and arrested their fighters.

(Hasan Afandi) Family:
In the middle of eighteenth century this person appeared with the Ottoman degree (By Beg) and he settled in (Ghazi Tabba) 9K.M in the west of Afrin now, and his appearance was at the time of (Battal Aga) government in Basouta castle ,who fought against each other for a while and then Hasan Afandi revolted against Ottomans in 1793 and he was able to spread his domination on the most of the area between (Tal Hamo, Sheikh Abdurrahman, Kafardaleh, and Tllef) among (Al- Ommo, Al- Sfouna and Battal Aga)  Hasan Afandi had an authority in whole money, in arresting and hanging people, until he was hanged by the Ottoman governor in (Kafar Janna) . Many sayings repeated in the origins of this family and about its being from (Ashti) one of Rashwan Clan's tribes.

(Sido and Meme)Family:
The origin of this family goes to (Meme) and her son (Sido) and their dialect is (Zaza) .Their settlement was in (Ghazi Tabba) and then moved to (Cholaqa) . Members of this family worked in cutting trees for charcoal and then planting the fallow  lands with olive and vine in the time forest hadn't any importance until it became feudal family by the passage of time and took the whole villages.
(Khalil Aga) ,the grandson of Sido Meme, the first person who was named with the ottoman surname (Aga) at the end of nineteenth century and in 1947 he was elected as a member of Syrian parliament. The wealth of his son (Muhammad Khalil Aga) widened to reach (Meskeh Foqani and Tehtani,  berjekeh, Qileh, Sendianki, Jakalli Joum and Jolaqan) until these lands were peddled on the farmers by the application of agricultural reformation law.
This family have  blood and affinity relationships with Sheikh Ismail Zada family.

(Kafar Safra) Agas:
This family left their Yazidian religion century ago. In the middle of nineteenth century their men supported (Hawa Khanem), from Al Ommo, against (Khalil Aga Haj Omar).So they were awarded by Hawa with wide lands between (Jenderes and Kafar Safra) as a gift for their boldness and supporting, then their state became better and at the beginning of twentieth century they were named (Agas) and they had authority in Kafar Safra and Muhammadia   also many parliamental  personalities appeared like Muhammad Murad and other people of high degrees.

(Dena) Clan:      
They were Yazidian in ancient times but most of them became Muslims. Their original center is in (Urfa) and they have the villages (Tal Hasel and Tal Aran) in the north of Aleppo . In the eighteen century they got strength in (Jouma level and Leloon mountain) and supported (Battal Aga Althani), the owner of Basouta castle,. Their inhabitants are living now in more than 12 villages of the area.

It is a branch of Mallan clan, they live in more than 11 villages like (Jweqe, Khalner, Kafardaleh, Jaqalli, Qarmitleq, Jolaqan and Einelhajar)

Branches of various Clans:

They are in two villages (Arsh Qibar and Faqiran).
It is from Mallan clan in Faqiran, Torendeh, Borj Suleiman, and Gunde Mazen). Their origin came from Urfa and Mardin.

In Basoufan.
Bouri in the villages of (Kurzehel, Borj Abdalo, Barad, and Borj Hedar). Their origin are from Diar Baker and Mardin.
They have 50 families in Jenderes.
Their account is about 2000 person scattered in Aghjjaleh, Jenderes,Snnara, Frerieh, Abu Kaeb, and Kusa).
In( Sheikhorez, Sarinja, Brimja, and Doraqli) villages.
In Gholian, Jaqalli Tahtani, and Termisha) villages.
(Alshiokh Groups):
In about 300 families,120 families of them live in Afrin and they have special religious way and they insert saber inside their bodies without being harmed.

Translated by  Avindar Haji Othman

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Afrin in Lines » The Clans of Afrin